ZenCash Secure Nodes

The ZenCash network comprises thousands of Secure Nodes that perform secure transactions for users of the network. Every day a Secure Node earns a reward if it fulfills a list of complex and technical requirements.

Operating a Securenode

Running a Securenode requires technical skills, time for setup and monitoring, and time to perform any required maintenance, upgrades and fixes.

If any of the Securenode requirements aren’t met for less then 92% of the time, you don’t earn the daily reward. This means you need to operate a monitoring system to track the availability of your Securenodes, and respond quickly to any issues to minimize any missed rewards.

CryptoNode was formed to help you take advantage of these opportunities without needing to worry about the technical requirements, by providing Nodes-as-a-Service. You just stake your current investment in crypto-currency and we operate all of the servers, network, and software on your behalf.

Technical Requirements for DIY

Hold at least 42 ZEN in a ZenCash T-Address, and minimum balance maintained in a Z-Address

Run the latest Zen Node and Securenodes tracker service on a 64 bit Linux server with 4GB RAM

Connections to the Securenode tracking inventory system and at least 8 other nodes in the network

Perform secure transactions in less than 300 seconds

Dedicated Internet connection and static IP address

Reachable through a valid TLS certificate

Fully-managed Securenodes

Our expert team operates full-managed Securenodes on your behalf. You just need to provide the ZenCash and collect the rewards, only paying us 20% of the rewards and keeping the rest for yourself.

only 20% of rewards
only 20% of rewards
Powerful infrastructure
Self-healing nodes
Coins securely held in a cold wallet
24x7 monitoring and support
Flexible investment options

A DigitalOcean Linux Virtual Machine big enough to hold a Securenode costs USD20 mth, which makes operating your own Securenode too expensive. Let us do it for you!

ZenCash Super Nodes

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Dash Masternode

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