About Cryptonode

Cryptonode makes it easy to maximise returns on your crypto-currency investments. We operate complex infrastructure on your behalf, providing services to crypto-currency networks and earning you rewards every month.

What we do

If you already believe in the future of crypto-currencies, and took the risk to acquire and hold some as an investment, you may be missing out on some additional opportunities.

Many crypto-currencies give rewards to operators of IT infrastructure in exchange for providing services back to their network of users. The first crypto-currencies used proof-of-work “mining”, where expensive calculations were completed covering a new group of transactions (a block) to add to the distributed ledger (the blockchain). The down-side to proof-of-work mining is that it requires expensive hardware, a lot of electricity, and provides ever-decreasing returns.

There are now an increasing number of crypto-currencies that use alternative proof methods to create and validate blocks. Examples include:

  • Proof-of-stake, where coins are “locked” for a period of time and used as collateral in validating blocks
  • Proof-of-service, provision of a computing service to the network for rewards when fulfilling a minimum requirement of availability and performance
  • Proof-of-storage, where rewards are given for storing large amount of files

CryptoNode was formed to help you take advantage of these opportunities without needing to worry about the technical requirements, by providing Proof-as-a-Service. Simply utilise your current investment in crypto-currency and we operate all of the servers, network, and software on your behalf.