Grow your ZenCash
with a managed Secure Node

We do all the work, for only 20% of the rewards we earn
on your behalf. Cost per node is about half the price of
a Digital Ocean VM.

Maximise your returns with Cryptonode


No investment in expensive hardware or software


No operational costs for electricity, cooling & admin


All rewards generated are yours, less our small 20% fee


See ROI after a month, instead of waiting many months


You are in control over your coins and can add or subtract


Your rewards are automatically re-invested to increase returns

CryptoNode helped me take advantage opportunities without needing to worry about the technical requirements.

Impressive service, very easy and secure way to invest your coins.

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Are we ready to move towards a cashless society?

Are we ready to move towards a cashless society?

In the past few years, digital or virtual currencies have been steadily gaining popularity and trending worldwide. The biggest accelerator behind this is the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but are we ready to move towards a cashless society - from a consumer and a government perspective? What is a cryptocurrency? And why is there so much hype around them? A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency designed to make transactions transparent and secure, by operating a decentralised and trustless network that stores transaction details in a distributed transaction ledger (DTL) encrypted with mathematical algorithms.

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